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Game ArcheAge

The ArcheAge Online: The Open World of Sandbox

It’s an innovation mix of two genres brought some fresh notes in MMORPG life. The product of XL Games company – the ArcheAge MMO became a very awaited occasion for the western game society. So the autumn of 2014 was a really happy season because both ArcheAge NA and ArcheAge EU servers were started. The PvP fans were excited to see the new project of ex Lineage designer who has worked in it since 2006 other gamers were waited new features which were announced. And their expectations were satisfied with huge world with perfect graphic and good optimization. The prehistory of game can rival with Big Encyclopaedia by volume because MMORPG ArcheAge was based on books of famous Korean writer so every even small detail in the game world has own storyline and sense. And it wasn’t a big surprise when the ArcheAge release day came the ArcheAge servers were overfed with playing requests from the gamers who wanted to join the cult project that is so popular at Korean market but not many western users used this possibility there before because of language problem. But it was just few days than technical overfeeding was solved and now everyone can join to the ArcheAge free to play game, there are enough personages slots and no queues entering the playing world. It’s time to try what is so attractive there…

The Confrontation of Continents

The in-game world includes two continents, few sea and islands. All of them are full-function areas for whole MMORPG possibilities. The personage creation is a bit long process because of high detailed customizing options so the novice at such kind of games can spend most time just right here. So the user chooses the race for character and one of four skill branches that would be developed during the playing process. Whole ArcheAge races have own history, location and special skills. Actually there are no strict borders about skill development or weapons choice. Every race, every class can try and use everything, the main aim is ArcheAge powerlevel increasing. And the beginning of adventure gives such possibility to the player. The training locations are too linear maybe. But the training gives a basic practices about the game world and brings first ArcheAge gold to the player’s pocket. The maximum level of character now is 50th, the experienced dudes say that most interesting things start from 20th level here.

The players are divided into two fractions that are at war. There are some limits about guilds or groups in the game process about this issue. For example, the user can join to group of other fraction. The gamers who break the rules too much can be sent to the court or even to separate pirate’s locations. The world is PvP free zone mostly, especially the user has to be careful at the sea and islands which are full of bosses by the way.  The combat system is target one and the player can use it in many PvP displays: the battle grounds, sea fighting, sieges and banal road robbery, of course. A great number of peace professions in combination with well done PvE issue gave a birth to very active trading. And it’s not just the ArcheAge shop deal. Some of goods can be produced only at certain part of playing world. Then they have to be transported to other areas… the transport system is wide developed there. There are the teleports but it’s a way for personages transporting more, a plenty of transport facilities, both aerial and ground ones, sea transportation and many kinds of mounts. It’s an interesting trait – almost all transports have same speed except teleports.

If Your Only Question About ArcheAge How to Make Gold

Nobody argues that finance issue is very important for in-game life. Sure, the visit to the ArcheAge store can be with real money but why do you need to spend something if it’s possible to get inside the game. The player gets rewards for quest implementations and battles, of course. But best way to the cheap ArcheAge gold is crafting and trading. The release gives almost boundless possibilities for it. It's worthy just to care about the defence before. It’s a cruel PvP, everyone can be robbed at any time. So choose one of offered professions and do your best joining the auctions because it’s right way to get highest ArcheAge gold price for sure. Maybe the only cause can make you to buy ArcheAge gold additionally is a wish to become an owner one of ArcheAge houses. Yes, the personages live in houses here and it’s very useful stuff for the playing process. It would give points to your ArcheAge power leveling as well. Though most ArcheAge fast leveling  is possible only by the grinding. Well, small note: not only work can bring income in PvE, the users who chosen sea professions can find treasures for instance. So on… there is a plenty of opportunities here, just use it.

Play Free or Not Free

Every gamer with time would face with a question if it’s worthy to buy a premium packet (patron status) in the ArcheAge online. This status opens a range of boosters for the player and fast recovering of scores. If the user is busy with any work activity in the game he knows importance of those points and how long time they are recovering in free mode. So it seems it’s only big advantage for such buy. All gamers who registered at ArcheAge website have equal rights about access to last ArcheAge update, as you know, other projects could divide their users into free and premium ones in this situation then the gamer has an additional reason for purchasing to get access to innovations as soon as possible. Here the free mode price is just slower tempo of game.

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