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Welcome To The NCSoft Aion

The Aion MMORPG is the world where your dreams about the flights in the sky will become a reality. You can live in the clouds with your own incredible beautiful wings and defeat the enemies not interrupting the flight. The game has a topic line that will lead you through the whole playing process. This legend is a guarantee that you never feel bored here, the Aion characters just won’t allow this. So it’s time to go to Aion website…

The user can join EU Aion or Aion NA, it doesn’t matter. All updates of the game releases are installing to the servers over the world. Sure, it can take some time for the language adaptation and, for example, few weeks Aion US would work with previous version but it’s just some time, isn’t it?

The Aion max level for the free developing of the personage is 65 nowadays, in the free of charge mode the auctions are closed as some other specific features. Then the player has to buy a premium account if he or she wants to continue the playing the Aion online normally.

Start The Fantastic Flight Right Now

In the Aion online gameplay the player has to choose one of the existent three races living Atreia - the wonderful planet of the playing world. The every creating personage is unique here, it’s provided by a great number of variants of the hair styles, clothing, skin and eyes’ colors and etc. There was a rumour someone worked so hard on his character that it became his visual copy. Also every hero can own the Aion pets that will emphasize the individuality of the hero. The game currency name is a Aion kinah but there are some things in the game that you can’t buy for the kinahs. Then the player needs other items or the Aion coins to gain those things. So it’s not a surprise we still need the Aion gold here.

The personages can learn the professions and collect the resources, take part in the battles and join to the quests. And they can fly, of course. True, the flight areas are restricted in the game zone, but anyway they are big enough for to realize your fantasies. The trading in the playing world goes through the Aion shop and the public auctions. Every action will bring points that can be transformed to additional skills later, it’s a standard procedure for the Aion power leveling as at any MMORPG.

The Aion Top Lists And Other Game-Off Issues

The Aion official site contains a lot of interesting information. You would find everything from the Aion requirements till the lists of the best players, faction chronicles and the useful information about any Aion server over the world. There are a plenty of the fan resources about same subject in the Internet and it’s probably to learn a lot of actual stuff there too. At least the experienced user knows if you need to buy Aion kinah it’s silly to look for such offer at the official website. Same, if you need some rules to be successful bargaining in the shop Aion formal tutorial won’t open this secret to you but it’s easy to learn from the involved players on the game forums.

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