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How does the


1. Recommend

Invite your followers and subscribers to PoWer LeVeL. The cosmonaut shows the way you can create advertisements thus encouraging them to buy games and do many other things that are presented on pwlwl.

2. Watch your financial profit

Once your followers and subscribers start purchasing commodities presented on PW by following your partner link, you’ll see that your financial profit will increase. We have the best conditions to offer to our partners.

3. Withdraw your financial profit

Once you get financial profit in accordance with the conditions of our affiliate program, you may withdraw it choosing the way presented on the website that’s the most convenient for you. You may also spent the sum of money that you get from our affiliate program on any commodities presented on PW.

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Too lazy to read?

We value your time!

Our affiliate program is simple and easy to understand since we value your time. In order to get a partner link you’ll only need several minutes.

How does our affiliate program work?


PW affiliate program is a great way to earn extra money for those who have subscribers and followers in various social networks.

Once you register on the website, you’ll get an individual partner link. You’ll get 10% reward from the sum of each purchase that was done by following your partner link.


How to increase your financial profit?

Once you get your partner link, you may start advertising commodities and services presented on PW. The more people get to our website by clicking your link and the more they’ll buy, the bigger financial profit you’ll get.

We offer the best conditions!



In order to increase the financial profit of our partners we offer you our help. You are free to ask for a consultation or a piece of advice. Our team has a vast experience of working with digital and virtual goods. We have thousands of customers all over the world and we value each of them.



and in detail?
Affilate program in detail

We have already told you that in order to get a partner link you only need to register on our website. Now, let’s see how the process of making a purchase goes and how it is connected with cookies.

Once a user clicks on your partner link, gets to PW website and buys something, you’ll get a 10% financial profit from this purchase and all the future purchases that will be done before the cookies of the user are deleted.

For example, a person clicks on your link on the 2nd of February, gets to the website and buys a game that costs 50 dollars – you get 5 dollars. Several days after it, for example, on the 8th of February he buys something for 30 dollars – you get 3 dollars. This goes on until the cookies of the person’s Internet browser are deleted.

If you want to get financial profit from the purchases of a person on a never-ending basis, recommend him or her registering on our website. Once the person clicks on your partner link, gets to the PW website and goes through the process of registration, from now on, you’ll always get a 10% reward from all his or her purchases, even if the person buys something once in several years. This sounds great, doesn’t it?

The implementation

Creating right advertisement to increase your financial profit

In order to increase your financial profit, you need to advertise the commodities from the website in a right way. We offer help to our partners.

We may help those who have websites by telling them the right places for placing advertisements. We may also offer them several kinds of banners that they may place on their websites.

We may give a piece of advice to those who have accounts in social networks and channels in social media on how to format the link in a right way. Usually, bright colour of the text draws attention.

Whom should you give the link?

Many our partners ask if they should give the link to their subscribers and those who visit their pages and accounts if they themselves are interested in only one game. Of course, you should do so. The thing is that even if you personally are interested in only one game presented on PW, your followers and subscribers may find other interesting games there. The more users have an access to your partner link the bigger financial profit you’ll get.

tips from spaceman

Keep an eye on your referrals

On your dashboard, you may find information on the financial profit from the purchases. You may also see a list of referrals there.

Regularity is the key to increasing your financial profit

Keep an eye on the current links and updates on the website. Advertise new commodities from the website on a regular basis.


Place your partner link

Each link placed somewhere in a right way increases your financial profit. That’s why it’s very important to place your link in a right site.

Place your partner link to Power Lewel on your websites and accounts in social networks

Tell your friends and subscribers about an opportunity to register on our website

-Analyze your financial profit in connection with the type of your advertisements

Do not place your partner link in the accounts of other partners

Do not use your link so that it becomes spam-like

You are ready!

                        You’ve successfully finished a small teaching course and you are now ready to become our partner. If you do not have any questions, you may go on and register on our website by clicking the necessary button. If you still have questions, we recommend you reading through the FAQ section. There answers on most frequently asked questions from our users and partners are given. Everything is written in a more detailed way.

                        Our team values each and every partner. That’s why you’re free to write to us and contact us at any time. We’ll answer all your questions. If you click on the button “Contacts”, you’ll find out how to contact us.

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