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Matt Firor, the Game Director of Elder Scrolls Online, gave new interview for GameSpace.com. He answerd for questions about incomming updates in ESO with morrowind, new hero class, Homestead, ESO Plus membership and much more.

GS: Pivoting a bit to something long term. ESO is now three years old, and it still looks great, especially on the PS4 Pro, or Ultra settings on PC – but eventually it’s going to get a dated feel visually. Do you have any idea on how you’re going to keep it fresh?

MF: Well, the console folks being 2/3 of our audience hampers further big upgrades, unless of course we keep getting more upgrades to console hardware as well like the PS4 Pro. But on the other hand, we can do stuff like newer DX versions, better shaders, and stuff like that on the PC without worry. We’ll continue doing that stuff, but we’re not likely going to do a major overhaul or anything like that.

Read  full interview version at GameSpace.com

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