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In one of the latest developer blog updates, Neverwinter Senior Content Designer Sean “Commander Ander” McCann told about the level 70 trial, Assault on Svardborg. The trial is part of the upcoming update called “Sea of Moving Ice”, the latest chapter of the game’s Storm King’s Thunder expansion. Here what McCann wrote:

“Hello everyone! Sean “Commander Ander” McCann here to talk you about our newest trial, Assault on Svardborg. Deep within the iceberg fortress of Svardborg, Jarl Storvald, leader of the frost giants, prepares to use the Ring of Winter to usher in an age of winter for all of Faerûn! Assault on Svardborg is a level 70 trial that can be unlocked within a new expansion of the Storm King’s Thunder Campaign. There are two versions of it, normal and master.

Small folk (Storvald’s word for players, not mine) who dare to assault Jarl Storvald’s inner lair find him sitting atop his throne of ice, unconcerned with the assault raging around him. Jarl Storvald throws his frost giant army at the small folk while using a small portion of the Ring of Winter’s power to destroy his puny opponents. If the insignificant small folk survive the frost giant army, Jarl Storvald becomes irate and leaps off his throne, deciding to deal with this assault himself. That is when the true fight begins.”

Trial will reward players with refinement stones, reagents for relic weapons upgrade, Everfrost rings, and new Valhalla artifact gear. Players will be able to earn new achievement – the “Master of Svardborg”, which is one of the hardest to earn in the game.

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